Tuesday, September 23, 2008


We were greeted in Maui with this beautiful rainbow right as we arrived. Aloha!

We went on a hike through an old plantation and got to go across two Indiana Jones-style bridges. They were squeaky and swung a lot!

There were two dogs that followed us for most of the hike, all the way to this pool at the end, and Justin made friends with them.

Dinner at Kimo's was delicous, and the restaurant had a great view of the ocean. Our new favorite fish is Ono, Hawaiian moon fish- tasty!

Next we took a boat ride to go snorkeling at Molokini Crater and the island of Lanai. Justin saw lots of fish and I had fun swimming around.

The highlight of the day was a pod of spinner dolphins that followed us to the cove that we anchored at on Lanai. The guides told us there were about 90 dolphins, and lots of them were babies, around a foot long. We thought they had left and everyone went off to snorkel while I hung out and swam, and the dolphins reappeared all around me- they were less than 2 feet away and there were SO MANY of them!!!

We got to Kauai and this was the incredible view from our hotel.

Time to stop and take a picture,

Justin's favorite part of the hotel was the waterslide. The slide was made for kids, but Justin didn't let that stop him from joining in the fun.

I liked the mojitos at the restaurant on the beach. Really, what's not to like about cocktails in paradise?

Safety first! Zipline gear is so attractive, and just as comfortable as it looks.

But it was so much fun!!!

We overcame our fear of heights pretty quickly. We were the only ones in our group daring enough to go off the ledge backwards and we got pretty good at going upside-down too! The scariest part was definitely taking that first step off the ledge, but it was well worth it.

There were chickens and roosters everywhere on Kauai(including at our hotel, they were a nice alarm). Even though he didn't appreciate the wake up call, Justin loved the chickens. He also loved the coconuts, we stopped and bought one from a local who cracked it open so we could drink it straight from the coconut.

Yummy coconut!

This was our last night. We were so sad to leave but so very tan!!!

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