Sunday, December 28, 2008

Ready for paint!!

We have been working around the clock on the house, spending pretty much any time that we're not at work there. I feel like we haven't made much progress until I look at the pictures from a month ago and then I realize how far we've come (but we still do have quite a ways to go). Basically, we've torn down all the crazy things that the previous owner had done and are now down to the bones of the house and are building back up. All of the wallpaper is gone, the ceilings are scraped and ready for recessed lights, the cabinet doors are sanded, and all the crazy solar panel stuff inside is gone. We have also texture-coated the walls and should have them painted by the end of this weekend- we're crossing our fingers.
By far the biggest job has been fixing all the holes in the walls, we knew that there were some issues with the walls, but we never realized quite how many. I tend to get a little impatient (shocking, I know) and at this point I'm very lucky that anyone still comes over to help. We really are so appreciative of all the help, Andy comes over and helps Justin almost every night into the wee hours of the morning, and my parents go work on the house even when Justin and I are both at work.Justin and Andy fixing holes in our master bedroom - notice the broken window (it came that way).
Katie is an excellent sander and looks so cute doing it!

Justin and I measuring out the placement for the can lights in the kitchen. We spent a long time figuring out where we wanted them and then hit studs when we tried to cut them out (apparently studfinders are a waste of money). We drew them out 4 times before we found a layout that looked good and wasn't on a stud.

Dad cut the holes out for us, being left-handed comes in handy!
Tracy in now a master electrician and drywall cutter. She did a great job but wasn't enjoying it at this moment.
Mom drew the short straw and got the dirty job of scraping the last little bit of popcorn off the ceilings. The respirators aren't that comfortable but are better than breathing in all that dust!
We were all working hard and wondered where Kristen was. We found her in the backyard, napping in the sun.

Kristen redeemed herself, she and Mom had to replace a big part of the drywall because it was soaked through. Great work girls!!

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Jane Winebox said...

OMG you guys are the cutest family ever! The house is looking good, I can't wait to come and see it!