Saturday, January 17, 2009


It's been a while since I posted so there's lots of pics to show... we had some major changes to the house and things are really starting to come along.
We are lucky enough to have wonderful family and friends who have done some amazing things for us. The most recent addition to the house is a beautiful stacked stone fireplace that Ken and his son Kenny put in for us. In case you were wondering, the fireplace used to be brick that was painted white (but not painted carefully or well).
Earlier in the week we finished the painting and my dad installed recessed lighting in the kitchen. These changes make such a huge difference and make us feel like we have made some major headway, which also really helps my mental health :)

Our new fireplace!!! It's SO nice, the grout hasn't quite dried yet but it really looks amazing.  We are especially excited because this is our first major addition to the house, everything else that we've done so far has just been repairing something that was broken.  We're going to add a wood mantle on top but it already looks a million times better.
In case you weren't impressed enough with what Ken did, this is how the fireplace looked a month ago.

The masters, Ken and Kenny, hard at work.  You can see the "before" fireplace in the center and how much better it looks already.

We had to get a picture of Ken in front of his handywork.  It was so generous of him to do this for us and we really can't thank him enough.

Justin painting the living room wall.   I think he was giving me a lesson in painting technique at this point, he'd like it if I was slightly more methodical.  I try, but I just don't always have the attention to detail that he would like.  At least we balance each other out!

Katie likes to paint, and likes my painting :)

One of the back bedrooms, the color is a gray-blue that I think turned out nicely.
The living room- the color is a light tan.  It will look really nice with some crown moulding.
Andy had the fun job of painting the bathroom.  Since there are no windows in there, he got some nice paint fumes.  Come to think of it, Andy always seems to get the jobs that nobody else wants to do, like go up in the attic or paint the bathroom.  Thanks for taking one (or two) for the team Andy!!

We had a lighting ceremony for Dad's latest greatest project, the recessed lights in the kitchen.  Dad did a great job of spacing them out and putting them in, he thinks he should be eligible for the electrician's union now.  By the way, yes, we are toasting with Mountain Dew.  Because we need lots of caffeine, we've pretty much been living on Mountain Dew.  Someone needs to stage an intervention if our skin starts turning neon green.

The kitchen lights in their full glory.  They add so much light to the kitchen and look very sleek.

A preview of our next project.... We are unloading all of the tile from the truck with our old friends and new neighbors the Bonds family.  They stopped by to say hi and got roped into helping.    Note to anyone thinking of stopping by:  you will probably be asked to help, but we always have lots of cold beer in the fridge for once you're finished working :)

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Katie said...

you guys are making so much progress!! I love that i can still see it a feel like a park of it in slo. Can't wait to come home and see it all finished...I'm proud of you guys and all your hard work!

p.s. I want to see pics of the new tile!!! :)