Monday, February 2, 2009

Almost there

This weekend was spent doing some final touches on the tile and attempting to stain the cabinets. We got all the tile laid last weekend but had some trouble with the grout- I was just fed up and was ready to call and have someone come finish it for us, which would have blown our budget and also been the first time we called in a professional.  Instead, my dad surprised us and finished the grout, which was so nice. The tile looks amazing!  We sealed the tile and moved on the the kitchen cabinets.
The staining didn't go so well, even though we spent a lot of time sanding the cabinets, the whitewash was stubborn and showed through when we tried to stain. So, I guess we'll be figuring something else out, most likely it's more sanding in our future. Luckily I only stained a few pieces, so we don't have too much to fix. If anyone knows a good way to remove stain from wood, we're open to suggestions.
The big excitement was the carpet being installed on Monday. It really makes an enormous difference to have all of the flooring in- it makes it a home instead of a construction zone. Things worked out really well, we didn't really test to see if the carpet matched the tile or the paint before we bought it, but it all goes perfectly.
The house may still be an eyesore on the outside, but it looks so much better inside! I feel like I've said this a million times, but we really are getting very close to moving in.

This was the hardest part of the tile and we were all very impressed with Dad and Justin's skills at cutting the tile at that curve.  It looks like it was made to fit that edge!!

Sanding the cabinets required us to be contortionists at some points.  The big spaces were not so bad, but the little corners and small spots were a challenge.
Carpet is installed!!! It looks so good with the fireplace and the tile!!
Carpet in the master bedroom also.  A replacement window is on it's way, and then everything will be all new.

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