Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year

I've decided that I don't record enough of our memories so I'm going to try to update the blog weekly with a picture and a little bit of what Alex did that week. Time is flying by and she changes so quickly that I don't want to forget anything. Even if nobody else is reading this, at least I'll have a journal of sorts to look back on.
Here goes for the first week of 2011.
We had a wonderful Christmas and New Years spent with family. Alex got a million toys and clothes, but her favorite gift was a toothbrush that Grandma put in her stocking. Chewing on the handle feels great on her gums and the squeaking noise that it makes is pretty funny. Other than that, she really didn't need presents, but she did enjoy unwrapping and eating tissue and wrapping paper.
Our precious little girl rang in the new year with her first two teeth coming in. She has been a little fussier than normal but really has such an easy temper- we are so lucky. She has also become a wiggleworm and tries to roll off the changing table, and she has started doing a lot of babbling, mostly a gaa sound. She seems like she really has something to say and is puzzled why the rest of us don't understand.

Alex checking out the ornaments on the tree with a little help from Daddy.

YAY!! More presents = more wrapping paper

Story time. She loves reading, especially turning the pages.

Showing off the teeth!


Tracy said...

I love that you're back on the blogging train! And where did that silver vest come from? :)

Jane Winebox said...

Are you trying to compete with Annie and her family website? I love it!

Amy Sklar said...

No I could never compete with Annie. I just am no good at keeping a baby book or even organizing my pictures so I decided this would be something I could look back on. We'll see how long I can keep it up, if I make it through January I'll be surprised.