Wednesday, February 2, 2011

8 months old

After only 2 weeks I fell off the weekly blogging wagon. My excuse for last week was a very long 6 day work week, I don't know what the excuse for the week before is. Anyways, in Alex news, she seems to have a new trick every day. She is so close to crawling, she does what we call "the inchworm" and can pretty much get where she wants that way but still looks like she's going to do some real crawling any day. She may be almost ready to crawl but we aren't ready for it, the house hasn't been baby-proofed and I'm not ready to have to vacuum every day. I guess there's no stopping her though! She's also finally started sleeping almost all the way through the night in her own crib... I think she was probably ready for this a while ago but I liked having her in the same room as us.
We also think she has more teeth on their way, she has been sticking her tongue out a lot, I think she likes to feel her gums. It's pretty funny, instead of kisses goodbye she gives Justin a goodbye lick in the morning.
Proud of herself that she can stand only holding on with one hand.

Singing to me while she plays with her favorite toys.

Really concentrating on trying to crawl. Soon enough baby girl, soon enough

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