Monday, March 16, 2009

Forgot to add this one

I couldn't resist this one. We were unpacking boxes and I heard a funny noise coming from the kitchen. I walked in and this is what I found...Tootie has always loved boxes, when he was a kitten we used to come home and find him in the Yahtzee box (he doesn't quite fit in that anymore). He is finally acclimated to his new home, he loves all the windows and finally being allowed to sit in them! He has decided that the guest bedroom is his, he loves the new bed and the sun that comes in that room. By the way, I almost came home with a dog this weekend. Justin wants a BIG dog, and I didn't think I did but I found a rhodesian ridgeback at Petsmart (they have those dogs for adoption there on the weekends). His name was Nashville and I though that name was fitting for us--- but I was going to call him Nash. Justin thinks it's too soon to be getting a dog but I think we're very close.
And I'm usually pretty good at getting my way ;)

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Jane Winebox said...

Oh Tootimous! So precious!!