Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day fun

Some people spent Memorial Day BBQing and relaxing. My dad and I spent the day doing some serious gardening. By the way, who knew gardening was such a workout?? It sounds pretty lame, but I really don't think I've ever been this sore in my life.

Our lovely front/sideyard before we got to it. You can't see the iceplant too much, but it was everywhere and had such deep roots. From far away all the wildflowers looked ok, but when you got a little closer they just looked overgrown-- some of the weeds were almost shoulder-height.

This was about halfway through. You can see all the iceplant that we tore out, it reminded me of seaweed. It was lucky for me that my dad came over at this point, my muscles were pretty much done and my dad was laughing at how I could barely swing the pick.

Looks a little sparse now but at least we're starting fresh. There was a row of lavender along our property line so I decided to keep that going, other than that, I left very little that was there before. The biggest negative to this is that now everyone can see how badly the house needs a coat of paint. Hopefully the "outside paint"pics are coming soon!

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Katie said...

Looks good guys! I'm home next friday, so you'll have an extra pair of hands...though you might not want spaghetti arms working on your house :)